Watch the videos below for examples of how the Discussion part of the speaking exam goes.  The band score is given for each speaker along with some reasons as to why they may have received that grade.
Band 4  –  frequent self-correction and breakdowns in coherence.  Basic understanding of sentences but incorrect word choice.  pronunciation hard to follow.
Band 5  –  Keeps repeating the phrase “As I said” without knowing how and when to use it.  Not fluent.  Keeps repeating key phrases from examiner.  Lots of errm and uhh sounds.
Band 6  –  some nonsensical phrases : “Sometimes I need a yes”.  Grammar mistakes.  Article errors: “I couldn’t find answer”.
Band 7  –  mispronunciation.  Precision in word use e.g Greek instead of Greece.  Large range of vocabulary.  Use of idiomatic terms and collocations.
Band 8  –  fluent but slow.  Good sentence structure.  Mis-use of some terms ‘old generation’ instead of ‘older generation’; have a long way instead of ‘have a long way to go’; a step back instead of ‘a backward step’
Band 9  –  Fluent.  Good pronunciation.  Correct grammar and precision of terms and idiomatic use.
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