Introduction and Interview

This is the beginning of the IELTS speaking test.  The examiner will begin by stating the test type, date, test centre number, your candidate number, your name, their examiner number and their name – all for the recording.  This is the official part so don’t be nervous – it is just a formality.

Then the examiner will ask you to state your full name.  Answer clearly and confidently.  The reason this is done is to help you break the silence and hopefully your nerves before speaking in the exam.

Next the examiner will ask you some warm-up questions from a list of topics that he/she can choose from.  Click on the topics below to see some of the sample questions that they may ask – it’s helpful to practice answering these in your school or with your private tutor in preparing for the exam.


Where is your hometown?
Do you often visit your hometown?
What is your hometown like?
Do you live in a house or a flat?
Who do you live with?
Do you plan to live there in the future?
What facilities are there near your home?
Do most people live in houses in your country?
Is there good public transportation in your hometown?
Do you think your hometown is a good place to bring up children?


Are you good at art?
Did you learn art at school when you were a child?
What kind of art do you like?
Is art popular in your country?
Have you ever been to an art gallery?
Do you think children benefit from going to art galleries?
What do you think art is good for?


When do you usually get up in the morning?
Do you usually have the same routine every day?
What is your daily routine?
Do you ever change your routine?
Is your routine the same today as it was when you were a child?
Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?


How often do you go online?
What do you use the internet for?
How do you get online?
Do you have your own computer?
What’s your favourite website?
Do you think children should be allowed unsupervised access to the internet?


Do you have a pet?
Do you like animals?
What is your favourite animal?
What is a popular pet to have in your country?
Did you have a pet as a child?
Why do people have pets?


Do you like sport?
What is your favourite sport?
Do you often watch sport on TV?
Did you play sport as a child?
What is the most popular sport in your country?
How do most people in your country keep fit?


Do you spend much time with your family?
Who are you closest to in your family?
Is family important in your country?
Do you prefer spending time with your family or friends?
Who is your best friend?
Are you still friends with people from your childhood?
What do you and your friends do at the weekend?


Do you enjoy your birthdays?
Do you usually celebrate your birthday?
What did you do on your last birthday?
Can you remember a birthday you enjoyed as a child?
Do most people celebrate a birthday with a party in your country?
Which birthdays are considered important in your country?


What do you often do in the evenings?
Do you do the same thing every evening?
Do you prefer to spend your evenings with family or friends?
Do you ever work or study in the evenings?
What is a popular activity for young people in your country in the evenings?
Do you have a favourite evening in the week?


Do you like music?
What is your favourite type of music?
Do you think listening to music helps you study?
Did you learn music at school?
Do you prefer listening to live music or recorded music?
If you could learn a musical instrument, what would it be?
Do you think music is important?


Do you often read?
What is your favourite kind of book to read?
Do you read newspapers?
Do you have any e-books?
What books did you read as a child?
Do you think it is important to encourage children to read?


Do you often watch TV?
What sort of things do you watch on TV?
What is your favourite programme?
Do you ever watch foreign films or TV programs?
What did you watch on TV as a child?
Do you think children should watch TV?


Do you have a hobby?
Did you have a hobby as a child?
Do you think hobbies should be shared with other people?
What things do you need for your hobby?
What hobbies are popular in your country?
Why do you think people have hobbies?
What are your interests?
What interest do you spend the most time on?
Would you take a job doing one of your interests?


Are clothes important to you?
What kind of clothes do you usually wear?
Do you ever wear the traditional clothes of your country?
Where do you usually buy your clothes?
Have you ever worn a uniform?
Do most people in your country follow fashion?
What do you think of the current fashions?


Do you often go out in the evenings?
What do you like to do when you go out?
Do you prefer going out on your own or with friends?
How often do you go out in a week?
Where do most young people like to go out in your country?


How do you usually get your news?
Do you often read the newspapers?
What kind of news do you usually follow?
How do most people get the news in your country?
Do you think international news is important?
Do you think the news is trustworthy these days?


Do you like shopping?
What is your favourite shop?
Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?
What kinds of shops are there where you live?
Have you ever bought anything online?
Do you think men and women have different opinions about shopping?


What’s the weather like today?
What’s your favourite weather?
Do you like the weather in your country?
Does the weather ever affect the way you feel?
Have you ever witnessed extreme weather?
Do you prefer seasonal weather or weather that mostly stays the same?

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