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ielts speaking

IELTS Speaking exam

In this course we will be looking at what the IELTS speaking component is.

Our FREE course covers

  • all 3 parts of the exam
  • video samples of each part
  • examiner feedback on IELTS score

First of all we will examine the format of the  test in general and then go into more depth in each of the three parts of the test. While the speaking test is recorded, this should not make the student too nervous. Therefore we will give you some tips as to how to prepare for this part in addition to providing some examples of students who have sat the test and the grades that they achieved.

Finally there is an example of a full IELTS speaking test with examiners comments so you can hear and compare the results. There are some videos giving speaking tips that are especially relevant to achieving a high score. Most of all, we provide the checklist of what examiners refer to when assessing anyone during the IELTS speaking test.

Section 1The Speaking Test
Lecture 1Test Format
Lecture 2Part 1 Introduction and Interview
Lecture 3Part 2 Topics soliloquy
Lecture 4Part 3 Discussion
Section 2How to speak effectively
Lecture 5How to speak effectively
Lecture 6Part 1 speaking do's and don'ts
Lecture 7Part 2 speaking do's and don'ts
Lecture 8Part 3 speaking do's and don'ts
Section 3Full Speaking Test Example