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FCE Reading paper

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This course covers the Reading and Use of English section of the FCE exam.  It follows the updated format of the test after 2015.  It is part of the successful FCE exam course suite that allows you to focus on passing the Cambridge examinations First Certificate in English.  This module course allows you to study where you want, when you want and how you want.

In the first part of the course we will examine the format of the exam and the type of question papers that you will find within the Reading section.  Students will be able to understand what is expected from Cambridge Examinations and how grade marks are awarded.

The second part of the course goes through each part of the exam in more detail. Each type of question that you will find within the exam has our proven Tips and Tactics.  These show in detail, step by step instructions on how to approach and achieve good results when doing the tasks. In addition there are a number of practice tests that will allow you to try out these tips for yourself.

Finally, full real-timed tests will simulate exam conditions.  This will give you an idea of roughly what score in the actual exam you are likely to obtain.

Furthermore, if you need assistance at any time with regards to the course, you can speak with an actual teacher.  Whether it’s not being able to understand a certain Tip, or why the answers don’t make sense, you can book a time via either SKYPE or email.  The teacher will assist you in any difficulties that you may have in preparing successfully for your FCE exam preparation.

Section 1Format of the Exam
Section 2Exam Parts and Practice
Lecture 2Part 1 - Tips and Tests
Lecture 3Part 2 - Tips and Tests
Lecture 4Part 3 - Tips and Tests
Lecture 5Part 4 - Tips and Tests
Lecture 6Part 5 - Tips and Tests
Lecture 7Part 6 - Tips and Tests
Lecture 8Part 7 - Tips and Tests
Section 3Full Timed Test