Reading for comprehension is the key test of the exam.  We unlock the how’s and where’s to successfully pass this part.

With proper planning and following our outlines, we show you how to write winning essays.

Listening is the most difficult but not impossible with our method for successful passing this part of the test.

We take away the nervousness that comes with speaking and show you some do’s and dont’s for the speaking test.

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Speakada Lingo - an English School like no other

Our unique innovative method of teaching English leaves TEFL behind as we encourage you to learn English as Native Speakers do.

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IELTS for the win!

Everything you need for your IELTS reading, writing, listening and speaking exams.  Other sites offer many samples for revising for your exam but here at online.speakadalingo we provide you with especially relevant exams that give real time results so that you can see where you need to improve.  Our main aim first of all is to get you to pass your IELTS exam therefore you can get access to real qualified teachers to help you study and prepare for this important exam in your life.

Try out our free Speaking module.  We have designed the format of our course to allow you to study what you need, when you need and whererever you need to be.  Finally there are full practice exams in the modules to allow you to test how you would perform under exam conditions.

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